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  • Awards 2000-2023 available as a .pdf, see list below. The numbers beside the years are the Award Number. 2000-2005 was a little less organised, please refer to the Database for the numbers for those years.
C. purpurata 'Lily Grace'

C. purpurata ‘Lily Grace’ (L&B Dobson)

Award of Merit 2016

2024 Awards

Date: 14.12.23

Name of Plant: Bulb. affine  ‘Robyniana’

Owner: Paul Wilson

Points: 83.00 | 84.00

Award No.: 3672 | 3673

Award of Merit | Award of Cultural Merit

Date: 10.12.23

Name of PlantC. purpurata var. sanguinea ‘Emanuel’

Owner: Jodi Cutajar

Points: 85.00

Award No.: 3671

First Class Certificate

Date: 17.10.23

Name of Plant: Paph. St. Swithin ‘Phillip’

Owner: Hans Schaible & Sue Daniels

Points: 77.00

Award No.: 3670

Highly Commended Certificate

Date: 07.01.24

Name of Plant: Phrag. Fliquet ‘Bart’

Owner: John & Marie Bartlett

Points: 82.60

Award No.: 3669

Award of Merit

Date: 20.12.23

Name of PlantPaph. acmodontum ‘T.O.M.’

Owner: Seong Tay

Points: 81.80

Award No.: 3668

Award of Merit 

Date: 20.12.23

Name of Plant: Paph. Magic Lantern ‘Lockerbie’

Owner: Rod Nurthen

Points: 83.50

Award No.: 3667

Award of Merit

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